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Software Programming Development

Jason has 0ver 20 years of programming experience serving the forex, stock and futures markets. Jason is a expert in over 20 programming languages ranging from Artificial Intelligence , Neuro Networks, statistical analysis other advanced cutting mathematics also  Specializing in Ninja Trader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, MQLock, PHP, Mysql, WordPress, HTML, and many other custom programming applications. Jason goal is to revolutionize the art of trading and to uncover effective new trading strategies and tools for the financial markets. Attended University of Hartford Associate Electrical Engineering 1978 and M.I.T. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 1982.





In November 2015, he founded, in Panama, the company TECHINET, S.A., whose main purpose is the management of specialized software and everything related to technology, focusing on currency exchange programs, for which the company affiliated, in January 2015. 2019 to TRADEVIEW FINANCIAL MARKETS, S. A. C., with which it has maintained, since then, good commercial relations.

Civil Engineer from the Corporación Universitaria de la Costa in Barranquillan 1983. In 1998, he completed a Diploma in Project Management at the Universidad Industrial de Santander-Sede Barranquilla, Colombia.



Head of Trade Operations

Kumar has over 18 years experience in trading the financial markets. Since obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Imperial College London in 2005, he uses his mathematical background to develop trading strategies that consistently outperform the stock market . He has spent time developing, refining and back testing the strategies that will be used for trading in AI Fund Advisor . Kumar specializes in market timing and optimizing return in his trades, often producing spectacular ratios of risk to reward, providing an extremely lucrative advantage to our AI Growth Markets clients.


International Marketing Director