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100% liquidy, 100% of the time

Bullet-proof your financial future

AI Growth Markets provides our clients with a flexible investment vehicle that is uncorrelated with the broader economy. Regardless of what the worlds markets are doing, we perform. Not only are our results uncorrelated with other markets, our clients have absolute flexibility regarding when deposits and withdrawals are made from their currency investment account, providing them with 100% liquidity, 100% of the time

Open your account from anywhere in the world


Onboarding involves opening a brokerage account. All trading related activities are handled by our team of experienced traders to provide a hands-free experience for our clients.


As our historical record indicates, our trading record has experienced less drawdown and higher returns when compared to major indexes such as the S&P 500. Our objective is to limit drawdown to 20%, while outpacing the broader world economy.


All funds are held within a regulated broker of the clients choosing. Clients maintain control of their investment account at all times.

the proof

Take a look at our Trading Record.

These live trading accounts are managed by AI Fund Advisory.  

  • Externally audited trading record from TD365.
  • Over 12 Months of live trading history
  • 94% Yearly Return Updated 1-15-2024
  • Maxium Monthly Client Draw Down per Month is 5%

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Through the popular trading platform Metatrader, clients can keep tabs of their investment account in real time. Available in both Android and iOS.